Farmer Power Australia Incorporated
On 16th January we commenced establishing our identity. Our website is being regularly updated, and ongoing activities will be published as they are planned.

We thank you for your overwhelming support.

Grass Root Farmers

We need:

*    A better and fairer farmgate price for our produce.

*    Australian food back on our supermarket shelves and all food products to meet Australian standards.

 *    Industry support from our governments

 *    An independent review of the structures representing our industry

To stand together as rural Australians to be heard and to be able to support each other.

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Social Get-together

7.00 for 7.30pm,

Friday 28 February

Warrnambool Club, 86 Kepler Street, Warrnambool

(Dunno 'bout you, but we don't often get the chance to simply sit and enjoy good company, tell tall stories, brag about our best cows, or simply chew the fat!)

RSVP to Giselle: 0428 692 319

Farmers: if you feel you are under pressure from any financial institution to foreclose on your business, or any enter mediation talks, Farmer Power is here to help. We have set up an informal network of experts to assist.
Please phone

Chris - 0417 547 519
Jock - 0429 330 263
Phil - 0418 610 282
for strictly confidential discussion.


We want your opinions and advice!

Please email us or tell us on our facebook page what you think needs to change in or around agriculture. We know that in some parts of our industry prices are looking better this season, but what are the underlying issues you know need to be dealt with so we know it's not only one good season before we again hit the wall. 

We look forward to hearing from you.

About Farmer Power

Farmer Power has been created for like minded farmers in Australia who want a fairer price for their produce.  We are disenchanted with the current farmer bodies, and lack of support for farmers.

Farmer Power was formed as a result of South West Victorian dairy farmers getting together to try to get a fairer price for their milk.

What quickly became apparent to all of us was that farmers across Australia, in all sorts of different agricultural industries, were suffering in much the same way; farmers were being expected to make do with whatever was left after all those up the supply chain had taken their cut. They weren’t leaving the farmer enough to survive.

Farmers from across the country contacted us to express their support for us raising our voices. We also have been getting support from people in cities who want to join us to get a better deal for farmers and to ensure the quality of food they are able to purchase in the cities.

What we have found is that agriculture needs to speak up about what we, the farmers, do for Australia. Government needs to change rules and regulations to make running a farm business easier and cheaper. Consumers need information to be able to influence what happens with their food with their food dollars.

Country and city need to come together to fight for the Australia we want; an Australia that looks after its farmers so the farmers can look after Australia.

In dairy, we need to achieve a higher price for our milk. We need to ensure imported product meets the same standards Australian made product must meet.

Farmers need a better price per kilo for their meat. They need stable market access and a government willing to build and repair bridges with our international markets.

Fruit and vegetables:
All imports need to meet the same standards as Australian farmers need to meet; this is currently not the case. We need local processing of our produce and a fair return for our produce.

The support from farmers and farmer based companies has been overwhelming, and we thank you for this.

All funds collected go to administration and media cost. Farmer Power is a volunteer driven movement. Thank you for your support.


If you are in financial or emotional distress, please explore some of the following links: - you are able to enter a mediation process with your creditor.
Financial counselling for farmers and small rural business FREE AND CONFIDENTIAL 03 5572 4540
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