Farmers Fighting For Farmers

                   FARMER POWER was formed in January of 2013 to give Farmers of the Western District a voice in the face of a monopolised marketplace, cost driven farm closures, and a perceived lack of any real industry support to assist.....

2014  Farmer Power Australia Incorporated - A0058878E

 Senate Inquiry into Industry Levies

Farmer Power has been invited to participate in the Senate inquiry into industry structures and systems governing the imposition of and disbursement of marketing and research and development (R&D) levies in the agricultural sector. The Committee Secretary has asked us to invite individual levy payers to contribute. Submissions need to be in by the 20th October 2014. If you would like to contribute to the inquiry please contact us on the form below and we will ensure your submission will be acknowledged by the Committee. This is your chance to say what you really think of how your Levies are used!!